Hi out there, i have been grateful that the main symptoms,of pain i have learnt to live with,lack of sleep not so easy to live with, for a few weeks now the fingers on my right hand are so painful, this is to a new level of pain usually sarts at night,but can come on at other times,it takes me ages to unlock my fingers,is this a common complant with Fibromyalgia,

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  • Hi buddymac48

    Unfortunately with Fibromyalgia there are so many different symptoms.

    I occasionally get the feeling in some of my fingers as though they are very swollen and painful.

    The main thing I would say though is that as it is a new symptom for you, if it continues it would be best for you to see your GP about it.

    Another thing you could do is speak to your Pharmacist and see if they have any idea what it could be.

    It is very tempting to "just" put new symptoms down to Fibro.

    Have you tried soaking your hands in warm water? Perhaps see if that helps.

    I hope that you get some relief soon.

    Lu xx

  • Thank you, i have seen the Doctor,had a blood test for arthritis and fit D, will see the Doctor in the morning. also all my finger nails hurt very strange.

  • Hi buddymac48

    I have not heard of this symptom of fibro, painful hands, yes but not locking up.

    It could be arthritis but if it continues, gets worse or you have a fever you must make an appointment with your GP.

    One way to help with the unlocking and easing the pain is to place your hands in warm water and gently rub them together, using a little shower gel or bath foam so your hands are slippery.

    Hope this helps a little


  • Hi buddymac48 I get exactly the same and i have Polymyagia aswell as Fibro & i get terrible pains in my finger nails, my fingers & hands aswell & my wrists are sometimes very painful so I know what you BlueMermaid3 & bluebell99 advise, check it out with your GP my friend.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • Hi buddymac48

    I am so gneuinely sorry to read that you are suffering with this issue my friend. As the others have already said it could be Fibro or it could be arthritis? If this persists or gets any worse I would definitely get it checked out just to have other medical conditions ruled out of the equation. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Just been to see the Doctor,blood test for arthritis and vit D came back ok,Doctor just advised to take cod liver oil tablets,also said it maybe the start of problem still the same,glad the bloods are ok, so a mystery , hope it goes away with time.

  • Thanks for the update buddymac48 I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the supplements and please take care of yourself.

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