Only found this site last night. True revelation! Would like to hear from anyone who can relate to the following diagnoses?

Fibro myalgia/rhuematoid arthritis, hypothyroid, asthma, alveolahypoventilation (need oxygen), diabetes (type 2), gall stones/dairy intolerance, alopecia (since aged 12 now 50), extreme fluid retention, dry skin flare-ups. I think there are more people out there with a similar range of illnesses like this. I have seen some wonderful doctors who would love to help but dont know how.

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  • Hi there. Welcome to this site. You will be sure to find lots of new friends, listening ears and help here. Hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else and I am sure there will be people here you will have loads in common with, so welcome once again.


  • I've added some tags to your post, so that other people interested in those topics can more easily find your post and also to make it easier for you to find other posts. Not everyone on here uses tags, so not all relevant posts will be tagged unfortunately.

  • Thanks for that. Didn't understand purpose of a tag. Maybe more people have the same problem but dont like to say. There is a whole new language to learn, but I have a feeling it's going to really help me to give it a go!

  • welcome to the sight hope you find what your looking for . gentle dyslexic hugs

  • A hug is a hug is a hug, dyslexic or not. Thank you..

  • hi and welcome to the site i only have fibromyalgia/carpal tunnel and a bad back and a curvature of the soine at the bottom slightly to the left so not all on your list but wanted to welcome you anyway i am sure other swill have a few of what you have its awful isnt comparing all our ailments still i hopre you find alot of people to chatto and have a lot of laughs on here and make some friends love to you diddle x

  • Thank you so much. I am interested in how others cope with these problems, and so far it would seem that warmth and humour play a really big part of the responses i'm getting, not to mention understanding.

  • i have fibro/hypothyroid/cirrhosis/gout/neck pain headaches/osteo/carpal tunnel diabetic/cfs/and get pretty fed up lol but on here you seem to find things are not to bad and we are all kindred spirits.the hardest thing i find is the complexity of ailments i dismiss even asking my doc in case the think i am cracking up.all the best and welcome.

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