Bra 2 !

Trotted off to Asda today to have a look at the recommended bra .... They had every size but the one I wanted, unless I wanted black !

They are expecting more in so I'm told so I will keep an eye open and nab one from their next delivery .

I did come away with strawberry and white chocolate muffins though so it wasn't a wasted trip :) They've only just started stocking them at the local store and only had one lot left ! Yum , that's lunch sorted lol. ( I have been good and had a banana as well ! )


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  • hello HelenUk1963 you enjoy your muffin I am so jealous lol here can you tell me what sizes the bras go up to as I am a slightly larger lady! gentle hugs squidley perhaps you could pm the info to me thanks

  • Why not try the Ahh Bra...It is soooo comfy, no wires or hard bits and it has great support. You can buy them online...just type in Ahh bra and see what comes up. If you are a larger lady you can wear two at once with the same amount of comfort and more support! they really are fab!

  • I just had a google of them ( I love google ! ) . They do look the kind of thing I'm after but a bit more expensive than the ones at Asda . Might have to bite the bullet and get some though if Asda don't get more in soon because at the moment errrm, let's just say letting it all hang out is not a pretty sight :(


  • yummy well worth the trip then perhaps you must go in every day to check on bra you can always buy a muffin lol love diddle x

  • Oh I think that's a very good idea diddle ... I may even need to pop in twice a day... :)


  • Hi Helen, I got the genie bras out of asda, they are the same as the aah bras, you got a pack of 3 for £37, white black and skin coloured they are sized 12 14 16 18.

    They are that comfy ive even got my mum wearing them!! :) anne xx

  • Haha Helen, you are getting as bad as Diddle for eating cakes, the best I have heard yet tho is going to Asda for a bra and coming home with a muffin!!. Hope you enjoyed it! xx

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