hi i just need a bit of advice please..i want to change my gp at the moment im at a medical practice so its quite big but i never get to see

the same dr unless i can get an appointment with a 2 wk wait,i can't talk to them they look at you as if they can't be bothered.they have very bad reviews with only 1 star,the surgery i was thinking of going to is smaller with only 3 gp's,its a walk in in the morning & appointments in the afternoon. they have very good reviews with 4 stars,sorry for rambling on but i don't know what to do, i have 2 appeals rolled into one pending,i don't have a date yet but i wanted to know do you think it's best to wait til after my appeals or change now,im scared of both.x

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  • Hi Bluebell, sorry to hear you are having problems with your GP, i know the feeling very well. I don't know what the appeals process entails as I haven't yet had to apply for any benefit but I am guessing that all your paperwork has already been submitted, if you are apealing. If that is the case I think changing sooner rather than later would be more helpful as you are likely to feel more at ease within yourself if you know you have a sympathetic doctor who will listen to you. Take care, Linda

  • thank you linda,i didn't really have a lot of paperwork to send with my appeal just a letter from pain clinic to say i had fibromyalgia & that it was quite profound now oh & osteo arthritis which i feel has got worse since,i recieved a load of paperwork from them about 100 pages!thanks for advice x

  • Hello Bluebell10,

    When I changed surgeries I rang up the receptionists and asked which GP's had a background in Rheumatology, as I thought this may help. Also ringing your local Fibro support group (if you have one) as they may have discussed GP's in the area in the past and know which are Fibro Friendly or not.

    FibroAction has got a directory of Fibro Friendly Healthcare Professionals as per the experiences of other with Fibro, here's the link;


    To all members, we need more testimonials of your Fibro Friendly Healthcare Professionals so we can fill it up, please email me info@fibroaction.org :)

    Hope it all goes well for you :)

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • just looked at the north west and there is none submitted yet !!

  • Sorry bbtsport,

    To all members, As I say please do email us with your testimonials, so we can add to this to help others :)

  • thank you emma,yes i looked on fibro friendly link but the nearest to me on the list is at guys,i have trouble using trains & its such a long walk from station to guys,i went there 18 months ago & was in agony & bedbound when i got home,the rhuemy i saw said he thought i had fibro but sent me for x rays blood tests & bone scan to rule out C as i had that a couple of yrs ago,then he put in his report that he was reluctant to call it fibromyalgia til i had bone scan,so gp said no you don't have it altho i had all the symptoms & another gp who's now left said she thought i had fibro before tests. so after a few months i was finally refered to pain clinic who immediatly diagnosed me with fibro after asking a load of questions & prodding me in my legs back & arms,he said he would refer me to a support group,a few wks later i got a sheet of paper with a number on it,i called them. they only have two 6 wk meetings a year & the 1st was booked up the 2nd one i couldn't get to, so im just left.thank you anyway i will ask before i change; emma can i pm you plz i need advice on benefit/ tribunals xx sorry for rambling on x

  • Of course you can message me, I suggest sending me an email for benefit advice info@fibroaction.org, as PDF files cannot be sent through HU private message.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Emma :)

  • thank you emma,il try to get together properly what i want to ask you,it will be later,my brain isn't awake properly yet lol,thanx :) x

  • Hi bluebell10

    I am so sorry to read of your current dilemma and I sincerely hope that you can get something sorted for your needs. I agree with Emma, as ringing around the local surgeries and asking the questions you need answering can make all the difference.

    Good, luck with this my friend

    Ken x

  • oh thank you ken,i will do that,hope you & your wife are keeping well x

  • Hi Bluebell.

    Sorry you're feeling unsupported with your current GP. It's really straightforward changing surgeries. All you need to do is go to reception at your new chosen surgery and ask to join. As long as you're within their catchment area there shouldn't be a problem and you don't need to give a reason to anyone for your wish to move. They'll give you a registration form to complete and do all the necessary to move you over without you needing to contact your current practice. If you do decide to move make sure you have at least a couple of weeks meds, preferably a month's worth as it's a bit of a slow process. The new surgery can't just ask you current surgery for your notes - they have to ask the health authority who get the notes and send them on. Ridiculous as often the surgeries are a stones throw apart but that's red tape for you! Don't be concerned if they want you to have a new patient check, it's just so they can check your BP etc and note down any info they might need while they wait for the notes. It would be a good idea to take along a copy of your repeat meds as well.

    Good luck with the move. There's absolutely no need to suffer bad service x

  • hi mistymeana,thank you for advice,oh yes il definetly make sure i have enough meds,they give me 2 months supply at a time,i was going to change before xmas so at mo i still have quite a bit of medication left,think il wait til i get my next prescription.i wondered why it took so long to get notes transfered with all this technology,lol i thought they just went on their computers. thanx x

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