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Hi everyone hope all is ok which for most its not but we pick ourselves up ok i said in a recent post that im appealing a decision for pip im still waiting for a tribunal date to be set its 10 months now getting a bit of a joke now a bit of history about me i was suffering from back pain at the age of 19 i went to my doctor he said it was muscle weakness he said join a gym so i did it helped for a while cut a very long story short i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis after 10 years of tests blood taken and body scans ive been fighting the DWP for 27 years for the right to stay on PIP now as it is called but thats not the lastest lol i had accident in january which almost killed me i phoned PIP after coming out of hospital after a long 3 month stay (bit of advice if you have a love one who is in hospital and is now disabled start claiming PIP for them before they leave hospital they wont get anything while in hospital due to all their care needs are met but once they come out PIP will start the day they are discharged which is one less thing to worry about) ok back to my story of sorts i told PIP i had a appeal in process could i still claim PIP due to my accident left me in a wheelchair i was told yes because it was a change in circumstances ok filled the forms out explaining my new circumstances took me 3 weeks to fill out due to my right hand is partly paralyzed and i write with my right hand finally sent the big form off with a week to go i asked for the consultation at home so i was most relaxed and could think more clearly about the answers i was being ask it lasted for 20 minutes so where is the hour consultation they talk about the examiner went after 4 weeks a letter came i opened it read what it said bah bah bah rubbish looked what i was given the 2 parts mobility needs and living needs i got mobility needs enhanced which was great looked at living needs i was not award so i read the reason i was not award living needs because i only got 7 points out of 8 so now i am appealing that now i dont know if i want to cry or laugh i have 2 appeal going now luckly for me because ive been in this situation before 6 times i knew who to ask for help my local housing authority they have a free advice centre dont use citizens advice its too long winded getting a appointment but that my advice so now its a waiting game again i will update when anything happens TO everyone whos doing it for this the first time dont ever give up keep fighting for what you deserve

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Hi wow sorry to hear u r going through this don't know if I would have been able to handle it take care and good luck in future I will b watching for ur positive post

bandofgold72 in reply to Pjik

Thanks for the reply Pjik im must be cursed lol

Pjik in reply to bandofgold72

No I think they do that to who really needs it

I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through all that, and thank you for taking the time to post your advice I'm sure it will be invaluable to a lot of people. As you say chin up and push forward, post's like yours are what help us

Gentle hugs Rosie xx 😊

Your welcome rosie-2015 thanks for the comment its appreciated

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