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2 down, 0 to go

Hi every one,

you may remember that back in March I blogged 1 down one to go, well I am pleased to say that i have just won my DLA appeal as well. The appeal should have taken place in April, but a week before it happened I got sciatica down my left side, and was in a pretty bad state, but I attended anyway. On that day I was so much pain, my whole body went into spasms, I could not stop shaking. Eventually, one of the ushers offered me a wheelchair to use, so I was wheeled into the hearing.

Before they started, they asked me how I was, and I explained about the sciatica, and that I had taken Morphine for the pain, but otherwise I wanted the hearing to go ahead, because it had caused too much stress and anxiety already. After ten minutes, they decided that I was not in a fit condition to continue, so it was adjourned, and rescheduled to Monday 20th May.

This time, I had the same judge, but the Doctor was one, I had seen before from my ESA hearing. I was in there for 1 hour and 20 minutes! If anything, it was the man representing the disabled section, that seemed to be the hardest to deal with, he came across as being quite aggressive in his questioning, and got impatient when I said I could really understand what he was asking me. I also noted that he was constantly clock watching.

Anyway it was decided that I had probably had enough by then, and was told I would receive my response by post, so I had a few more days to agonise over the result. However, it turned up on Friday, and not only had I won, but they also added an allowance for mobility, and on both counts, the benefits were applied indefinitely.! ;-)

I have still not quite appreciated the fact that, it went my way. all I can think of, is the last 18 months worth of stress, anxiety, emotions and tears, that I had already gone through; and having to answers questions about how I was so far back, only brought back reminders of how different my life is now, compared to 18, 24 or 48 months earlier - that was painful!

So as I always say on this site, don`t give up, and be yourself.

Sharolina x

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Warmest congratulations I am so glad it is all sorted in your favour. xgins


So glad for you

Vg x


so grats to you hope you enjoy the relief of the worry at least, big hugs .


well done Sharolina! :D


Hi, I'm so pleased you've had a positive outcome, well done. :-)

Foggy x


Awwwww that is great news x well done x


hi,well done! i didnt realise you had to attend an appeal?!..oh flippin eck..i thought i would be spared that...again! i am just going through an appeal and i thought the decision makers just made a decision and then you were notified..xx


i am very pleased. well done darling


well done lv ive been waiting since november last year for an appeal date and still waiting wish they would hurry up so i can get it sorted one way or another so fed up waiting x


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