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And there was I thinking things were going so well and as usual I have over done it the last couple of days.

I am now sat here, my shoulders and arms down to my elbows hurt so much, my knees are throbbing and so are my hands. I just hurt so much, it's not fair.

Gabapentin you have let me down today, I am sooooo pi**ed off.

Rant over, thank you for being here. I am so glad I found thins site xxxxxxx

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hi its ok it seems to me whatever meds we are all on none of them seem to be working for any of us do they ? we are all still in so much pain surely they must make a tablet soon that will take all our pain away !!!!!

dream dream dream dream dream dream dream pop oh i woke up lol love diddle x


If only. Hubby works for AZ, I will have a word with them :-)


Hi Pink pigg unfortunatley its not all down to the drugs we take. we have to become Self Managers of our Chronic Conditions, we don't know why we have become the "choosen ones", but it is up to us all as individuals to try and mal=ke the best of our situations, which isn't an easy situation. whenever we have a "good day" it is the greatest temptation to do more because of our "bad days"

Soft hugs

Sue x x x x



I agree completely. Wednesday we had sunshine, I felt great, did gardening, some house work, it felt good and yes it was a good day and I over did it. Thursday I was still on a bit of a high but I knew I would pay for it. Today I feel awful. I don't think there is one single bit of me that doesn't hurt. I don't regret Wednesday one bit as I felt I really achieved something. I suppose part of me hoped I wouldn't feel like this but sadly I do. I think the drugs help though. I had to come off everything over Chrismas and it was the worst Christmas ever, so they do help, we just don't realise how much until we can't take them anymore.

Gentle hugs back xxxxx


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