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R.I.P. faithful casserole dish

I listen to others with advice... So why don,t I listen to myself.... Cos I,m too blooming stubborn to try to be my old self I suppose. When I get up my hands are like a bunch of swollen red bananas, so why I would even try to lift the Pyrex ovenproof microwave proof .... But not VG proof casserole dish is beyond me now I stood looking at its broken remains with my foot and finger streaming with blood. It made enough noise breaking to arouse a small army but my family in this tiny bungalow sleep on .. I woke my husband in a haze of tears and plasters and he said oh dear and promptly went back to sleep. Grrrrrr I am so angry with myself cos I know it's my own fault. Even worse I shall have to buy a new one cos we use it such a lot. On a positive note at least there's no camera in the kitchen....

VG :(

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Ah so that is what happened you were horizontally challenged by sir pyrex. What a blighter to have caused you so much pain. Do hope you have stemmed the bleeding and now have a good cup of tea at your side. I do so hate this ruddy fybro it makes ordinary tasks so difficult. The only good thing is you will have to go out shopping to replace it I know that will be a challenge but hopefully a good one and you just might come across something else that you need........... xgins


Sir Pyrex has been vanquished to the gravesite of many a noble knight... Eerrmm kitchen utensil, and STILL my family sleep on ....gets out the cowbells .. this should wake them up.

Feeling very hard done by and evil

VG xx


Just watch out for the hidden cameras that may be lurking in your kitchen V.G. You just never know what your son & Husband are planning - maybe they are only pretending to be asleep?

My view is - no casserole dish, then no cooking!! If your son is anything like mine, he will probably look at the debris, look at your cuts, shrug & walk away, or maybe ask "well, what did you do that for?"

Hope the cuts aren't too bad, but I still think they are a good excuse to do nothing but rest (and an occasional post on here) for the rest of the day.


Em xx


sounds like an excuse to make hubby take you out for Sunday roast somewhere to me!

I also have many items that have ended their usefulness on the floor in lots of sharp, tiny pieces ... Normally glasses in my house so your not alone hun.

Hope you have a good Sunday :)


Mmmm Sunday roast. Seriously all I've thought about this week and no chance of getting one :-(

Lest we forget sir Pyrex x


Ha retail online therapy... I have not one but a set of three casserole dishes Even I can't break all three at once ....unless I drop them before even opening package ... First thing my son said on creeping out of his darkened pit... Yeah maladjusted was right... We should have had a camera in here.... Then he asked if I was sure the floor was clear of glass before he stumbled in the kitchen to grab. A smoothie.

VG x


I once dropped a casserole dish straight out of the oven and the red hot contents landed on my foot - the pain was indescribable. Now I get the OH to take them our of the oven cos it's less dangerous. We have 2 almost identical ones cos I asked himself to get a mixing bowl whilst he was in town and he came home with...a casserole dish!

Hope your poor finger and foot are feeling better and I guess you'd better write to Santa for a new one

Storm x


Ouch storm glad you werent scarred for life... My oh usually cooks now and I wash up in the morning as I find the hot water helps my hands first thing.... stupid thing was I only dropped the empty casserole from bout 12 inches off floor onto my foot... I obviously have feet like a hobbit if they can break a casserole dish.

Hugs VG x


If there is one thing I am guaranteed to break if I touch it is a pyrex dish. So hubby stopped buying them. He bought ceramic, I cannot grip those either. So now I keep them onto to metal trays before trying to lift them. I do hope you heal very soon and please remember to show your hubby and equal amount of sympathy when he next cuts himself! It does not matter that it is our own fault, we are just trying to make the best of it xxxxx


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