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Miracles can happen !!

I got the dreaded brown envelope today. I sat looking at it, made myself a cup of coffe and wished I had something stronger to go in it apart from milk..I have been assessed for ESA in the support group !!!!!!!! I read it 3 or 4 times before it sank in. I know its only for a year but it can happen peeps so hang in there.. ps anyone know what happens after a year..would give you all big hugs but it hurts to much lol xxx

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did you have a medical siver and was it an apeal x


I had a medical and it was awarded from that. No appeal


Hi silver52 congrats on getting your ESA, after recieving sick pay I was told I could apply for ESA which I did and had to fight for. At the beginning of the month I hada letter telling me as I had had it for 52 weeks I it would be stopping as you can only recieve it for 52 weeks.

Gentle hugs,

x x x x Sue

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Silver thats good news. :)

Soul Susie thats not completely true if it is in the income related group as i have had ESA income related since 2010 and it is only finishing this week. I have been told I will now be in the support group.

But like silver i dont know what will happen after a year of this support group esa.


Don't know why they changed it to be honest. Just to make figures look good. Loads of people like me will be shoved on the work related group to make their figures look good. They know full well if I was well enough I couldn't work as I have to care for my Mum 24 hours a day!

Sorry great news Silver lol !! Just makes me so mad this new system think they make half of it up as they go along.

Did anyone fill in the IB form they sent out a few months ago and has anyone been sent for a medical??


so happy for you that will perk you up for bit now you can relax a little love to you diddle x


Happy for you lou x


Congratulations - Normally, the 1st year of ESA is 'contribution based' which means that it is based on your National Insurance record after the 1st 52 weeks you then have to re-apply for 'Income based' ESA - that's what I am currently doing now.

I can only assume that if you do not have a good enough National Insurance record when you initially apply for ESA you must go straight onto 'Income based' ESA.


sandy i thought you only had ESA contribution for a year didn think you got anything after a year . i am on it and it says on my letter i get it for a year and then at the end of the letter it says i will only get it till november . i just dont understand x


That's great Lou, congratulations xx


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