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My Eye Problem

Some of you may remember me posting a while ago that I was having problems with my eyes in as much as I had a black shutter come over them with my eyes still open. I was also experiencing blurred vision. Well at long last I have been to see the Eye Specialist and she seems to think I may have Amourosis Fugax. Well she showed me on the photograph of the back of my eyes and it is to do with the arteries of the eyes having a stenosis. I know what that means as I have spinal stenosis. The arteries in the eyes are narrowing and when they close together then you experience the shutter coming down over your eyes. She pointed out about 5 areas over the eye. I have to now go to my GP who will need to check my cholesterol and have a check for Diabetes. The blurriness she said is probably the pregablin, but she suggested that instead of reading with my varifocals get a plain lens pair for close work.

My GP has to decide after getting back my blood test results whether to go further and have an MRI scan. i think you have to tick 3 boxes out a about 7 then you have the MRI test. I couldn't see all of them but one is that you are over 65, high cholesterol , diabetes and high blood pressure, I couldn't read the rest. My Blood pressure was ok at 133/71 when she took it at the hospital and I have pills for that anyway so not sure if it applies that I have high blood pressure because it is under control.

Just going to book another eye test as she instructed and get myself a cheap pair of reading glasses.

Blood tests tomorrow and Doctors next week.

Wish me luck

Lizzie :-)

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Hi Liz,

I am getting this problem. I went to a opticians (high street) who says looks ok but the fluctuating problem keeps on.

Can I ask if your gp referred you to nhs eye Dr?

Thanks x


glad to learn that it is being looked at and hope you find a solution soon. lots of luck :-)


Good luck Lizzi


Sorry to read of your news Lizzie.I recently went for my annual diabetic screening,and need to go see a Neurosurgeon for possible Myasthenia Gravis.Shows how important the tests are.I wish you all the best xx


Hi Jellynpain,

Yes I was referred by my NHS GP. I have had my blood tests now and Doctors next week. Seems to be getting sorted out quite quickly thanks goodness. Appointment also made with Opticians for my reading glasses.

Thanks everyone,

Liz xx

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