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Hello,I'm a blog virgin!

I have never written a blog before so I apologise if I am a bit rubbish. I was diagnosed with Fibro 12 years ago and have had to leave my job that I loved and say goodbye to a lot of my independance, which I find very hard to come to terms with. I now walk with a stick when I can walk anywhere, and need help with the stupidest things and I get really angry with myself all the time.While the continuous pain is terrible,one of the things that really infuriates me is the brain fog and the loss of short term memory.I am also having to spend more time in bed due to crippling tiredness and I feel like I am watching my life sail past me all the time. I try to stay positive and have a good sense of humour, but it is great to talk to people who know how I feel.I am desperate to remain mobile because my daughter is going to university in September and I am determined to visit her regularly. It is amazing how will power can keep you going. Long may we keep fighting!

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Aw blesss you well you have come to the right place you are not alonre in fibro anymore you will meet and make lots of friends on here and we all want to help you and each other through it is a horrible illness and unless you have it you really dont understand it so you just come on here and type away hope to chat again soon love to you diddle x


hi and welcome i am a newbie as well x


Hii have chronic fibromyalgia amongst many other things and i also had to give up a job i loved and had done for 22yrs. I find i have more bad than good days at mo am presently having to go through an appeal for my dla as it was stopped last yr with no explanation when all my medical consultants say i,m unfit for work i think this is terrible.


My first day too! So good to know you are not alone.

Willpower & stubborness (excuse spelling, can't remember how spell check works) ((& thats fibrofog's fault!)) gets me thru most days.

Have to go to work now, luckily we have our own business, so I can go in when I feel I can! I keep asking my husband to make me redundant! Lol!


hi all nebys good for you hun :)

i have only been on for a few months an find it fab

not having to explain anythink as we all now and most have been where i am at a serton time and when in fog and still bloging and right silly things we all now what each other now what is being said

soft hugs to you all xoxoxo


Thank you everybody for making me feel so welcome. I look forward to talking lots in the future. Got to go for a nap now as i can't keep my eyes open. Talk again soon!


Welcome rubycat, its lovely to meet you. :)

hugs, kel xxx


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