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new too

Hi folks,

Diagnosed with fibro about 6 months ago. Although my doctors believe I've had it for at least 30 years, just not to this degree.

I'm a sports nut(American sorry) lol. Used to love playing anything, now I walk with a stick and am always in so much pain. The pain I feel shot up from always being at a 3, to now being at from a 7 to 10. Still employed as a Trainer, for a very large fuel company, but I haven't worked for about 14 months. No money coming in from them any more. On benefits and feel really depressed about that.

A Specialist early on was convinced I had Lupus. Went through 3 months of useless tests.

Only good thing going on for me now is my partner, of 12 years. She's been at my side and so supportive...

It's taken me about 45 minutes to type this, might be a world record! I'll say bye for now. I'll be reading all of the blogs, makes me feel a part of something, but can't promise any more responses. I'm just too slow and hurting.

Could be worse,


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Hiya and welcome.

Its a good site and i am glad to hear you have a supportive partner.

Im having a bad week myself but like to say hi to all the new ones.

gentle hugs to you.

kia x


thank you




hi and welcome to the site i am sure you will soon realise you will never be alone in this fibro again we are all here for each other for anything just type away however you are feeling love to you diddle


Hi Charlie,

Welcome from me too. An American eh?? :)

Glad you have a grreat partner.

Sue xx


Hi charlie,

Its good to meet you, and its good you have a very supportive partner. :)

HUgs, kel xxx


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