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I as you all jknow amin bad flare like you all probbly are all across mty shouldeers arms hand swrits fingers and no let up at all then last night got upset tummy but i think it is because my youngest who is 19 came home from work with a pile of houses to rent leaflets i didnt say anything as thought nthey were her friend as we get on no arguments or bad feelings she goes to work comes home she is happy at home etc

but then she said me and my friend whois nearly 20 are thinking of moving into our own house !!!! well my mouth hit the floor she has seen how hard it is to run a house and the money it takes with her sister and me but she says she wants to do it i did say to them as you would the usual momey stuff /bills etc but they are going to sit down work out all that was reply then i said what if you argue ? we never do was reply well no you dont live together thats why !!! what if one of you gets a boyfriend ? mm that wont matter was answer

i am hoping this is all pie in the sky (or carrot cake lol sorry couldnt resist that ) but i am really upset i suppose it is because she is my babay i thought she would be here for another 2/3 years

i know they want there independace which i suppose she has got that drive in her but i worry tha it is all going to go belly up and they get in debt she is an apprentice doing businees admin at a local office for ayear that is ti jan

and the other girl is training to be a teacher assistant at a school near us so she is on apprentice monrey too

her mum is all for it as she said she is 20 and her council tax and housinfg benefit will be paid in full or nearlty full if she moves out well mine would be paid in full as i am now payoing nearly 150 a month more out amonth as she is an apprebntice but so what

i suppose the bset thing to do which i have learnt over the years is to keep my mouth shut

not encourage it but not put mokkers onit she was shocjked how oi was about it she thought i was going to go off on one and perhaps because i didnt she will think oh well got nothing to prove to mum now as she not worried about me going thing is when i worry it effects my tummy ie upset last night / my sleep here come the 1/2 hours again and my pain so look out diddle you are in fir rough ride

sorry bit of a rant but does stuff like this efect your fibro ? love to you all diddle xx

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oh diddle poor you ,i can see how this is worrying you hun ,i would be aswell

thats the thing being a mum ,everyone says oh its such hard work having a baby

what they dont say it gets harder and hareder the more they grow up

i hate having to let my lot grow up and make their own decisions and mistakes

im dreading the day they want to move out :(

but thats all we can do is be here when it goes belly up and give them a pat on the back when it goes well

i think your doing the right thing not going off on one ,but i do think you should say your a bit gutted that she wants to move out ,as you say she is your baby

it must be so hard for you hun

i get worse pain and funny tummy when im worried or stressed ,

infact iam really stressed at mo so thats probably why i having a flare ,and the weekend that i just had hasnt helped ,

sending you lots of love and hugs xxxxxxx


Hi diddle.

Sorry to hear you are in pain and upset. I know it is hard but kids need to learn to make their own mistakes and live their own lives.

All you can do is be there if it goes wrong.

You seem to have a good relationship with your children which is fantastic, so be supportive and I am sure you will still see a lot of her.

I have just had a rent bill off £750 as they reckon my son earns $400 a week and i was overpaid in benefits. As if!! I now have to have the stress of sorting it and i know if my son leaves home i wouldnt have this proble as thye wouldnt need to take what he earns into account. And i would get full benefit.

So please try not to worry or stress and have a restful day.

luv kia xx


i felt like that when my eldest moved out....the stress cause me to be don't stress to much...i know its hard to let go...

they don't seem to know how much we worry about them...even though they're adults now...

the only advantage is less washing up and washing to be

but god knows how i feel when the last 3 decides to leave home....i'll feel the same again...properly

lots of love...xx


Sorry that you lovley Ladies are having all these problems to sort out I am thinking of you all out there I dont have thoes problems now Just a 91 year old Father to look after :-) hope you all sort out thoes problems and you have a good day I am in the middle of a flare up due to this weather so soft hugs to all )))) Allan x


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