Spasms in my hands

Being out in the cold and rain today set my hands off, painful spasms and tingling, i have to keep flexing my fingers to loosen them up, some days i can't even hold a pen properly,one of the reasons i don't use my laptop often is these blooming hands of mine! Wish i knew what was going on in my brain and why Fibromyalgia has plagued my body! Meh! Hope everyone is as well as can be expected,Hugs to all xxx

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  • Hello

    Sorry your hands are so painful. Mine tingle and my doctor said it could be carpel tunnel syndrome. Have you tried putting handheld heat pads inside gloves? I find this helps my hands feel better.


  • Hi there no i haven't tried them yet think i will give them a try,where do i get them from? Hot water bottle is great but too big to carry around with me! xx

  • Hi Della74, I am so so sorry I didn't reply. I couldn't sign on again last night. Not sure if it is me or the website. You could try sports shops for the one off ones, or the net. You can get the ones with a little disc in and when you click it the gel goes hard and warm. I got the one of use ones off the net. They are easier to carry around and put in gloves xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks will give em a go! xxxxx

  • hi yes i am the same hav been for last few days it is horrible love to you didddle x

  • Painful right hip too,pffffft we are falling apart! The weather/atmospheric conditions certainly exasperates symptoms,especially the cold and damp Hugs to you xx

  • Omg my left hand has been spasming all morning fingers going crazy quite frightening as I've had nothing diagnosed, my hubby thinks it's a trapped nerve but I have so many other symptoms including a head shake wish it would all stop.

  • Hi there, sorry to hear you are struggling with your hands too, i hope you get a diagnosis soon Take care hugs sent to you xxx

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