Stay Positive!

I know it's hard, believe me! When I was first diagnosed with this condition it ruined my life, but I let it! Some days are bad & always will be, there's not a lot we can do about that exept doing our stretches, popping pills etc. But & this is a big BUT, we can change how we feel about it, I won't lie, it's not always easy to look on the bright side when you're in agony & you have a mountain of housework to do, kids to look after or work to go to; we look around us seeing everyone else leading a so called normal life & think why me?! Escpecially when you think, haven't I suffered enough with these other things that have happened in my life?! But if I hadn't been through this stuff & suffered this pain etc I wouldn't be who I am today & you wouldn't be reading this! If I can help just one person today, then something good has come out of my suffering. If I can make one person today realise that there is always light if you look hard enough, then I'm grateful for that! Please read my profile if you're having a bad day & I hope it helps. Keep smiling. cx

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  • That is so true what you said there yiu have got to keep on smiling and think of the other people who are worse off than ourselves of which there are many we all get down at times but it could be worse alot worse so try to keep posotive and you never know what is round the corner love diddle x

  • Totally agree with your post and all above, took a look at the pray. So true x

    Thanks for sharing Lou x

  • :) like :) xxxx

  • I totally agree with you all too, i try to stay positive, even through the bad times and all the pain what with one thing or another,i too never look back at my old life which i used to have and love, I think it is accepting your illness or illness'es and trying to cope the best way we can in our own ways, and just being thankfull that i am still alive and kicking :-) and i think of all the wonderfull things i have in my life ie a wonderfull partner, beautiful daughter 5 beautiful grandchildren, and just wonderfull friends and family. When i think of all what i have i feel i am so blessed and always puts a smile on my face, I do miss my old life, but i also have learnt to love my life i have now, and just make the best of it i can on the good days :-) love to you all xxxx

  • Wow! Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment, it's great to see that so many of you have found the same thing. Accepting life on life's terms not how we would want it, but then discovering how wonderful a life we can still have if we only allow it. It's absolutely made my day just reading all of your comments & stories. What an amazing & brave bunch of people, I'm proud to have in any way touched your lives, you've certainly put a big smile on my face this morning. I hope you ALL find happiness & peace. Thank you cxxxxxx

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