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Good morning evryone i had 3 hours sleep last night which is quite good for me so i was gonna go to GP today but will leave it this week so i can have a good pattern to show her as i have had about a month of really not sleeping 1/2 hours a night so will see if i go the other way as i am keeeping a sleep diary lol

Today my wrists are still aching and pain all acros my shoulders and knees etc wel pretty much all over my body so you all know how that feels so wont go on bless you

today i am meeting up with my 2 very bestest friends for a good old fashioned girly chat we will start at 1pm and it will be non stop gossip about everything goingon in our lives for a good 3 hours we just chat chat chat and before you know it its 3/4 pm lol but it takes your mind off stuff and does you good we put the world to rights so that cant be bad

first i have got to go put some petrol in my daughters car thats for sale as it still not sold have dropped the price now to £645 ono so hopefully will sell it if not will put it on e bay again with start price and reserve we just need it gone now

now going to take my little doggy up the top of the road it is a little bit wet but never mind we wont be out long

love to you diddle xx

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Hi Diddle

Sounds like a fun day I love a good girlie gossip.

Have a lovely day.

Hugs xxxxxxxx


Enjoy your Gossip afternoon with the girls diddle hope the car sells ok

mind how you go soft hugs ))) Allan


Hi thanks allan i have put iu road dropped it £100 and also put it on ebay again at low starting price £350 and reserve of £500 so hopefully it will sell and on gumtree too it really has to be gone by he weekend jus had some carrot cake lush now walking doggy up the road and off to my friends enjoy your day hoe you and your are ok love diddle x


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