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well i thought as i was feeling not too bad i really should tackle the oven, i opened the door went to put the shelf in the sink, stepped back and bang hit the open oven door on my leg, oh my god the pain its as though someone has just stabbed me, message to self let some other bugger clean it, they dont feel as much pain, i dont think we ever learn xxx

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oh bless you ,i like the sound of that ,when you find someone to clean yours send them to me ,my oven is really grotty xxx


Snap!! send them to me too :-)

But you are right, and no I dont think we ever learn, we seem to feel a little bit better, decide on a task to do, then realise we should of never started it and not to try that one again!!!! I've had this for over 4yrs now and still havent got use to it, I dont know if I ever will, although I know its in my best intrest to!!!

Look after yourself xxx


oh dear best you get someone in lol love diddle x


Hi Bruiser, think thats a very good idea to let someone else do the oven cleaning, I'm all for that. Hope you are not in too much discomfort from your little accident. Take care, Love Angela xx


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