Oh well i ache all over but thats my fault for doing the wii for 10 mins yes thats all 10 mins on sat with my 2 grandsons and that was jus standing on the board and slicing things in half lol and the knuckle that is swollen is the one i kept pushing button A with on the hand controller lol

oh well hopefully it will go down later or i may book it in for a massage with my sister ?? what do you think ??? coulsd start a new trend knuckle massage s lol xxxx

This fibro never ceases to amaze me with the odd things that we get with it

love to you all diddle x

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  • i know what you meen diddle ,this illness is a strange one isnt it lol xxx

  • yeah lol certainly keeps you on your toes lol love to you now off to meet my sis love to you xx diddle x

  • lol or not .. my toes ache today of all the weird things :) have a great day love x

  • Hope your pain eases soon didle take care

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