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woo woo i haer thunder and its coming this way woo hoo i love a good a thunder storm its great i know some peopole are terrified and hide in the cuboards but not me i am at the window looking at the lightening i love it my mum used to let us watch it so we wernt scared i done it with my girls and the love them too and my daughter is doing it with my grandsons

but if you are scared of them sorry .

oh welli am now having egg and tonmatoe rolls and then having early bath as man coming to view the car at 7 pm well if he turns up !!! i have asked hinm to text me if he cant come as there is nothing wore than sitting there waiting and waiting

i bet i will look a right state hobling to the car and my arms cant hardly move lol x

love to you diddle x

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Yes we had thunder and lightening too, the thunder sounded really strange!!

as yet no rain but it's bound to come. My husband reminded me that in1976 a hosepipe ban was put in place and days later the rain started and kept coming and coming and then we had the hottest summer where river beds dried up.

Does anyone else remember that??

LOve to all Sue x x x


well iwas 11 when that was on so i prob had no idea or even cared lol but lets hope it follows suit then apart from all the rain would be lovely to have sun sun sun all the way !

we have an air show here in Lowestoft it is normally held end july beginning of aug but this year it is in june s dont know if they trying to trick the weather as the lat couple of years its been really grotty and so misty you cant see the planes only the red arrows who are my favourites i dont go anymore once you have been once or twice it not the same when the girls were small we would go to the beach for the day but not now they not interestd .

love to you diddle x


Hope the thunder doesn't come to Wales then Diddle cos it scares me to death and always have done!!. I'm not as bad as my 89 year old neighbour though, if it thunders in the night she gets dressed and sits under the stairs with her shoes and coat on, bag at the ready and a glass of whiskey. Got to laugh though cos she always says she doesn't know where she would go even if she did go out!. xx


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