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Morning all, back in the land of rain!!

Had a lovely time in amsterdam, ferry crossing was a bit rocky but survived!

Sorry to disappoint you all the strongest we had was a good few vodkas!! were going to go for a coffee and smoke or a space cake but we all wimped out lol! so i am none the wiser which may not be a bad thing.

its been a busy weekend, had a surprise 70th party for my mum last night, we all thought that it was a surprise until we got her in the hall, then she informed us that her sister in Australia had phoned her that morning and mentioned the party to her, we were angry to say the least, but it ended up a really good night. Feeling a tad tender today and of course back to work tomorrow.

hope you all have a good day;) xx


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Lovely to have you back and glad the trip and the party went well. So we still dont know what the space cakes are like then, maybe next time?

Take care and have a relaxing day. Love Angela xx


hi glad that you had a lovely time over there nothing like home though is there love to you diddle x


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