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my dad has type 2 diabetes, insulin dependant, theyve never got it greatly controlled, even though hes a very healthy eater.he also suffers depression since he was once a mountain climber and now hes too ill.

he also has heart problems, awaiting surgery for atrial fibrillation, causes dizziness, heart rate fluctuation etc etc.

Ive to fill out his DVLA renweal form and he will be going for an interview , is there any advice for filling in form and for the interview which would help us know our rights?

He did ask help from citizens advice , however they could only give him an appointment , for after form is due back in !

I know its not for me the info, however its stressing us all as a family, the DVLA helps him keep a car on the road, that helps him stay mobile


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Be honest on the form cause the DVLA can contact your GP.

Ive got type 1 diabetes. From my experience they ask questions like "Have you had a bad hypo and required help to treat? If Ive had a bad hypo and managed to go to the cupboard and get the lucozade and chocolate and make my self some toast then the answer would be No. I got everything myself therefore I needed no help.

Not sure if there is any help on the diabetes uk web site


Thanks Ermintrude

Aye wed be very honest, no point in being anything else, and really he has multiple problems, ill check the diabetes website, aye he never knows when he hypoing, he becomes agressive verball and then we know by the personality change and my mum gets him food, or hypostop etc, since him and mum are retired she can sort him out, but no he wouldnt be aware of it :-s x


im so sorry all, brain fog moment, its hearing for renewing disability living allowance not DVLA!! OMG! so sorry my heads pickled :( x


Just be really honest , fill in the form from the perspective of your dad's worst day . Give detail and make sure his GP and any specialists send letters to you for you to send copies to the DWP .... Don't trust the medics to send them in directly because from experience they don't always do it , and sometimes they miss deadlines too.

Your dad should be able to have someone accompany him to the hearing and it's good to take notes of what's said .

There's probably more I should say but my brain is fogged because I'm tired , so hopefully someone else can fill in any blanks !



thanks helen x


This is one of the things I like about this site. I knew what you meant. lol. Always tell them about your worse days. Coz really there are no good days only bad and worse....Good luck xxx


I know with the diabetes that your licence needs to be renewed every 3 years. You will need to inform the insurance company aswell.

I would also keep all the information stored somewhere for next time, itll save you hunting for it next time.


sorry ermintrue, it wasnt for his license, it was for a DLA disability living allowance hearing and form, sorry x


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