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I cant believe this weather it so beautiful here at the min 4 hours ago it was black sky and thundering rain it was horrible now the sky is blure the sun is shining and its warm out for how late it is .

i really wish i was not in so much pain as if i werent i would go get my coat and take mty doggy for 2 hour walk all around wher i live but sadly fibro wont allow me to do that GRRRRRRRRRR

oh well i will not get miserable no point cant do it so will write this to all of you instead and wish you all a lovely evening and hope you have a lovely weekend

love to you all diddle x

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Hi diddle

we have the heavy showers here now and I have a confession to make, you talking earlier about cakes put me in the notion, so I have just scoffed a fresh cream choux pastry and it was lovely. Sure I can always go back on diet tomorrow ha ha squidley


mmmm i love fresh cream cakes in fact i like all cakes love diddle x


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