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MY DAY !!!

hi will see my daughter off to work then got to meet my sister to take her car for the mot so leaving car there then droppping her home and coming back here for bit and will go meet my daughter on her lunch hour unless it is pouring with rain !!!!!

may treat us to one of those special milk shakes at the new shop thats opened in our town mmmmmmmmmm depend how cold it is lol

i am gonna have a bounty one it is a bounty bar with milk and ice cream all whisked up in a liqidiser mmmmmmmm but you could do this at home really you juat put anything you want in there you are spoiled for choice!

i need sometging today i am aching all over for some reason my cocsyx is really painful today and all across my shoulders well it would be easier to say all over really !!!

hope you all had a restful night and have got a nice day planned love to you diddle

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Sorry you have a pain in the bum Diddle but hope you enjoyed your milkshake if you got to get one.

Angela xx


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