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Uncontrollable laughter!

Omg today i was out in the shop sandwich one with daughter and her friend in their 20's and i just started laughing at something so minor and silly that it became uncontrolable!! i had tears rolling down my face, i was snorting and i am pretty loud too bit like hyeeena or something or like am giving birth so i been told hmmm.. but once it started that was it, my daughter told me to go outside and cool off and even her friend was like..what brought alll that on hahah. Her friend found it very amusing along witht he staff in the shop and other customers (i found it embarrasing) but wen to car and continued ..this is again i have had this?? i did it last year too i will cry or laugh for no is obviously neurological issues going on lol anyone else had this .. ????

I have had such bad hand pains today though everything i touch i drop and my head is muggy muggy

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aw that is so nice that you had a really good laugh about something it does you good to laugh like that even though others aroumnd you send you out lol love to you diddle x


thanks diddles, obviously my daughter knows i have issues but i just felt it was so funny ..all it was.... i did a txt and i love the advert with little girl oreo biscuit?!

she goes mmmmm then says to her daddy, noo you cannot say mmmm i just mmmm because i have to ! little things please small minds.. my hubby sent a txt to say what having for dinner and i sent a txt to say i was having sosages and tommy tomatoes and went mmmmmm and then said but dont you say mmmm cos you are not aloud lol... comical to me i just could not stop!! xxx hows you today


A good belly laugh is as good as a rant, scream or cry. Go for it, enjoy the giggles, they are soooo good for you


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