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my birthday

hi every one today it was my birthday i had friend and family in my home it want bad of course with my pain one of my guess is a dr . i asked a couple of question from her she said fibro is not a big deal you can take a pain killer ,if you had cancer or other problem you should worry about that.

i am so upset how can people say something like that i am in pain all the time .why they can compare the real pain .i cannot expect from a dr who is working in imperial college in london . i am so disappointed. i cannot sleep and so angry


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Oh poor you, that is so horrible!

Happy birthday by the way.

Unfortunately, there are still too many doctors who think the same way, I had a similar comment made to me. But it was not by a so-called friend in my own home. And this person is rude, and doesn't deserve the title friend. I'm not surprised you're angry and upset. What a rotten way to spoil your birthday!

Have a soft birthday hug, and remember you have friends on here who do understand.




Happy Birthday to you.

Poor you, that wasn't very nice of her. I have given up with people that don't understand & judge me, it's too upsetting. Don't let her get to you, she isn't worth it,

Debs xx


Try to forget it today..why?...because its your birthday,you deserve to have a lovely day,you don't want a day getting angry about the ignorant comments people say,put it to one side,you could even tell yourself I'll deal with it tomorrow.

So many happy returns,

Wishing you a pain free and a much deserved relaxing day.


Happy birthday hope you have a good ONE. Some people's perspectives are very short sited and always will . Be. Take heart have a rant and move on x gin


When others doubt you , come on here and look around, you are not alone , its not oh just take a painkiller and get on with it, it's your whole life affected... So yes do take your meds , but never doubt fibro is trivial its NOT and we all understand. So sorry you had this on your birthday

Hugs VG x


have a great birthday today ,you dont need freinds like that , real freinds support you and dont say things like that , ,looks like your freind needs reading up on this nasty fibro as being a dr to ,

soft hugs and chin up xx

happybirthday again xx


Happy birthday sending best wishes and gentle hugs your way. Unfortunetly at some point in our fibro journey we have met skeptics, non believers and arrogant sods who think that fibro is a made up condition which people like us use to scam the government of DLA and ESA and basically sit back and live it up while everyone elseworks for a living!!! - oh if only lol here on this site you are among people who know the truth and live with its painful reality every day. We are not skivers some of us are lucky to still be able to work, run homes, have successful marriages/relationships, raise children and contribute to society in a million different ways. So we empathise with your anger but please do not allow this persons ignorance ruin your day its your birthday do something nice that you enjoy perhaps treat yourself to a little chocolate/alcohol indulgence, a nice gentle walk in the park, or an hour spent in the company of people who make you smile. Whatever you do enjoy xxx



Hi Akram

A very very happy birthday

What are you doing for your bday.

Well please do not let that one Dr have an effect on you!

Some can say things that you do not like to hear we have to be strong.

How some Dr's qualify i no idea i think some do it because either pressure on upbringing or because they know they hard faced and cannot wait to qualify to be hurtful.

On here so many as you see read are going through similar things.

If i can say something

Some one i know had cancer recently and said to be she is fine and her job is quite physical and was lucky it was found due to Dr negligence (which now they can not do enough to please her so they all dont know everything) she said apart the tiredness and treatment she is back to herself just odd things .

I have opinions but sometimes we have to be very careful how we tread.

Well you enjoy your bday and please be strong keep holding your head high and smile and do not let her affect you.

Big hugs caroline xxxxxxx


We are all here for you and we understand. Learn not to take to heart comment from people who have no concept of constant pain. I have a daughter who just can't get it and comes out with daft comments all the time. I now just let it go cause there is no point in getting stressed and making myself worse. So in future if you need to talk come on here. Take care xxx


Happy birthday!! Ave a gooden !!and don't listen to peoople like that, because they are not worth your time or energy hun and they defo not worth getting angry over or stressed at, just laugh it off enjoy your day as what goes around comes around xxx


Hope you had a good birthday, Akram, and that you didn't let that silly doctor's remark ruin it for you!

Doctors are human, like everyone else, and frankly they have more opportunities than most for putting their foot in it!

I'm sure she wasn't getting at you personally - she knew there wasn't much she could do for your pain, and was probably trying to make light of it. She may well have kicked herself all the way home, after realising how she must have sounded.

It's even possible she may have a relative suffering with cancer - they always say that the worst disease of all is the one affecting you or your family!

Only you know what pain you have to endure, although I guess most of us here have a pretty good idea. It's a pity that fibro doesn't give us the gift of a thick skin to help us through our troubles - it seems to make us more touchy and sensitive than ever - that's my experience, anyway.

I think you should forget this event, and put it down to the vagaries of the human race. We're are a funny lot, and rarely act exactly as we should. Treat yourself to an extra birthday - but wait until you're having a reasonable day so that you can enjoy it!

Sending 'virtual' cake, ice cream and chocolate.

Love Moffy x


belated happy birthday wishes Akram! :)



Hi Hope your birthday went well.


hope you had a good birthday



happy birthday for yesterday, Akram. what a shame that comment spoiled the day and upset you.

sadly, there is such ignorance over FM. it's not a case of taking ONE painkiller, but loads! I hope you put them right on the issue. try not to get too wound up about it. it might be worth telling them the "spoons" story so they get a better idea of things.


Happy belated birthday wishes. Hope you are feeling better today. I get this sort of remark from family and it does hurt....:-( It is easy to say don't let it get you down,but it is true if you can ride above it it will not make you worse. Just fretting over comments will flare your FM x

take care and keep your chin up <3

rainbow x x


Happy birthday !!!!! I feel so sorry for you !!! And I suggest you not invite that dr friend ever again !!!!! You can tell that that dr has never been ill herself !!! Wouldn't it be great if we could give our pain away for a day !! You can give it to her and I will give mine to my mother inlaw !!!! She says that what ever I feel its much worse for her because she's old !!!!! She still parties all night !! I'm up all night in agony !!!!!

Next time you see her tell her you wish pain was blue !! Because if it was you would look like a smurf !!!!!!?? Maybe she might understand a little ???? It hurts so much when a comment like that will worry you for days , just remember she's forgotten that comment already !!! Don't waste your pressures energy !!! Save it for someone who cares !!!!

Take care xx


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