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Phoney Cures !!!!!

I read on here earlier that someone was asking about a cure that was advertised.

I have just watched an american tv programme about phoney cures, people advertising that they can cure Cancer, Migraines, MS and even that they could make people well that were paralysed. These people who were ill paid thousands of dollars hoping they would be cured. The conmen who advertised the cures didn't care about the people who were ill, there just wnated to make easy money. So if you see a cure for FMS, ME or anything else, please check it out thoroughly before parting with your money.

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Brilliant advice.

There is no cure for Fibro. It's possible there never will be. But the aim with treating Fibro is to manage the symptoms so that you have the best quality of life possible. For some people, complete management so that symptoms are not a daily problem is possible - that is the situation I'm in. The people who struggle the most to manage their symptoms even with good treatment are actually usually those with other conditions that cannot be well controlled.


Oh don't say that it's possible that there never will be a cure. Everyone has to hope. What are we without hope!


I know there are no cures !!!! I think I must be one of the only ones on this site who just accepts they are ill and there is no cure, i accept every day as it comes as I accept every pain I get, I have a lovely partner and a wonderful son and I am thankful for that and as long as I have them I will cope with the pain. I know this condition shouldn't kill me and I also know that there are alot of people out there with far worse conditions than FMS !!


i never believe phoney e mail like that if there was a cure i am sure lynne would be one of the 1 st people to know or one of thre other admin people and they would inform us in a proper way with all the facts bless you stick with this site any breakthroughs will be on here love to you diddle x


Well here's another one.....HaHa, have a read of this.....End Fibromyalgia Forever

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