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my dla runs out next june they awarded mt the lower rate dla but only for the artheritus in my back even thoe i filled the form out with as much detail as i could i think my problem was the doctor who sent the forms of hadnt seen me as we had just moved surgeries i explained this in the forms and gave them my old doctor details any way lower rate was better han nohing as i have been trying for the last 8 years to get somthing, im just trying to get as much info on filling thse forms out ready for june next year or before if i can get enough evidence together to explain my health is worse so any info on the forms anyone has i would be very grateful

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hi tracey i know someone on here has had alot of help with forms from DIAL i myself used Bufferzone they are based in cornwall

hope this helps

love stephxx


I am in the middle of filling out my form.... what a lot of work eh lol... I heard that citizen advice helps to fill out the forms.. u just have to call them, and if your not able to go they will come out or help you do it... i dont know how bad ur disabliility is. but u have to put it on ur form how u feel on ur worst days but say ur like that every day ( thats what the benefit enquiry people told me to put) also, if you need help during the night.. it has to be for 20mins or more each time u get up.....during the day, to qualify you have to have someone to help u even if its part of the food.. u can only us microwave food and not be able to cut up veg ect... i am ok in a way because all above is how my life is.. so hope this helps a bit xxx


hi i am going to fill dla forms in for the 1st time in may i went to m gp and asked about it she said apply and go to dial they will help you so came home and called then and as i say going may so if you go on google type in dial and your area and should come up if you have a centere near you if not cab i told another member to do sne couple weeks ago she did and she having home visit with them so thats good . and good luck with it i hope you continue to get it love diddle x


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