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well spoke to my dr,who said up dose from 10 to 20 amitriptyln at nites ring in a week see how it goes!also she is going to print off hospital letters to help when i get esa assesment date,love my dr she is helpfull to me!today my neck&arms &hands ach,its weird how it goes on parts of your body at different times,this morning my finger jumped&in my sleep i nearly punched poor snoozing hubby as my arm shot out lol hugs to everyone x

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its good you have a kind helpful GP. i wish mine was, i wish you well,

hugs x


thxs susie59,my dr really good with me but not so with hubby!hugs to you x


HI lollypop , so pleased they uppeed them for you, i do hope they work.

Its good she has printed off letters too. :)

hugs, kel xxx


hi jazher,im lucky she is supportive,probaly be a dopey thing tomorrow haha will see hugs x


oh dear bless your heart you are going through it today well it can only get better lol love diddle x


diddle i had a kip,seems everyday now but makes me rest better.hope you are well hugs x


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