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Need help please

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I have had seriously sore and painful feet for at least 3 months it's getting to the stage where walk is near on impossible and at night they feel hot and burning to my legs also swell along with my feet and is very red around the calf area which gets worse as the day goes on however dr says she can't give me water tablets as is worried it will imbalance my other medication and as I am unsafe on my feet doesn't won't me going to the toilet more often than I have to

I was wondering would compression bandages help and has anyone else had bandages ect on feet to help with swelling and pain as my gp is open to ideas and advice welcome thanks x

11 Replies
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Hi Colegg

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with this problem and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the issue. My wife suffers this way due to her MS, and the Specialist Nurse told her to wear compression socks but she found them too uncomfortable to wear. She does have a water tablet called 'Oxybutinin Hydrochloride' and it is quite effective for her.

I have pasted you a couple of links about the problem below, and I genuinely hope that you find them useful, and I hope that you can come up with a suggestion for your GP?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this and take care.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hello Clegg,

In some circumstances it has been advised not to use compression socks for instance Arterial Ulcers etc as far as I am aware due to restricting circulation, so I would say a diagnosis from your GP may be the best way to go before considering the right treatment plan.

From my life experiences my first thought from what you're describing is Cellulitis, do you remember knocking your leg/s, do you have any open sore areas or itchy broken skin from scratching? I wonder if an infection has got through in any wounds and you seem to mention water retention / medications for this anyway plus redness & skin hot to touch.

Out of interest here's a link to Cellulitis so you can read as it may be similar or it may be something completely different.

Hope this helps

Emma :)

FibroAction Adminstrator

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Hi Colegg - I would suggest that you ask your GP to try and rule out CRPS. It stands for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, it's difficult to diagnose, some people wait years for a proper diagnosis but the symptoms you are describing sound exactly the same as my partner and he was diagnosed with this condition following a spinal fusion operation. Google it and see what you think. Good luck x

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Hi there i have had my motherinlaw staying with us and she had what u describe, i treated it by getting her to drink several glasses of water a day and elavating her feet as much as possible, even in bed raised her legs on pillows. wishing u well

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probably ask gp to refer you to hospital and have xray just to put your mind at rest,hope that helps.x

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Hi Coleg, I have Lymphoedema which causes my feet and legs to swell enormously due to my lymph glands not draining properly. I wear support stockings and have to keep my legs raised and often can't get any shoes on or walk at all. I would advise only using support stockings with medical advice and finding out if the pain and swelling is due to lymph fluid or water retention.

Good Luck!


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nezzykins in reply to moonstonebright

Hi. I agree with mdaisy. Compression bandages should Never Be worn without an assessment of any arteriel circulatory problems. If it is arterial insufficiency, it could cut the arterial circulation off. District nurses could advise on this. Hope this helps. X

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Thanks for all the replies was just going to try sports bandages but was going to ask my gp for advice but she is also open to ideas as each person responds to treatment differently my cap refil in toes is good I had a Doppler once and circulation was good but can't remember how long ago this was I rest my legs all the time and raise them with no change to pain and some days no difference to swelling but it's always worse on right side was looking for some short term ideas as it takes a mirical to get a gp appointment within 4-6 weeks

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Hi, i too get the swellings and burning in my lower legs and feet. I was told by my GP it is part of the Fibromyalgia. I use a tub or bucket of cold water to put my feet in for a 10 minutes every half an hour. It is a great relief of pain

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I'm not sure if these are the same as the DVT/anti embolism socks that you have to wear on flights or after major surgery.

I'm in week five post op now and have a week and a half to go before before i can stop wearing them. Luckily i have four pairs on the go as wearing these 24 hrs a day for six weeks is horrible. Due to having both hips replaced now they aren't something you can put on myself either.

I can't speak for you as i don't know your situation, but i wouldn't wish them on anyone?, i hate wearing them! But then again, depending on what your situation is, i would speak with your GP or practice nurse for more advice.

Good luck xx

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Hi I have lymphodema and wear compression stockings all the time. My OH had cellulitis a year a go and it has left him with red legs and support stockings to assist in the movement of fluid around his legs.. I help him into his every morning and out in the evening , mine are different and I take them off every night and replace with tight stockings through the night. I keep my legs elevated all the time except when moving about. It has become a way of life, a necessity as I will have to wear the compression stockings for ever and a day according to my vascular surgeon.

If you see red hot legs appearing ring the doctors line do not wait as soon as you can start penycyllin the better. I am now used to keeping an eye open and if I go away any where I travel with my own antibiotics. Keep an eye out incase you are bitten or bumped. Doing something about it quickly saves a lot of time in the long run xxxgins

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