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Went for a massage at the local college today, only cost a fiver and a very nice relaxing experience at the time.

My back is feeling a bit sore now though. I really wanted my shoulders and neck doing, but the students are told what they have to concentrate on, which was a shame.

I was relaxed until my ex turned up again and yet again started ranting.

Anyway, for those who are strapped for cash, look to your local college beauty sections as they are always looking for member s of the public for the students to practice on. I take a letter from my doctor to say it is ok and they are happy with that. The only hard bit is getting up off the couch afterwards

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A massage??? That's brave :-)

Cos I swear to God that if anybody touched my back, I'd single handedly wrestle them to the ground and tear them apart with my own bare hands!!

D'oh! Who am I kidding. I'd probably just say "Please don't touch me again, it hurts ... A LOT!! lol



hi i hav emassages my sister has her own beuaty room but i always feel worse the next day but apparently thats good it opens up all your adrenal wotsits love to you diddle x



I've going for massages every 2 weeks .. its a bit achy at the time and the morning after but I've been going to the same woman for nearly a year now so she knows what bits hurt etc :) x


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