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I am still not really sleeping had bout 2 hours last night but not a deep sleep never mind it will come when my body is ready no one can go on forevr like this can they ?

Hope you all got some nice plans today ? may have my eldest niece here for day they went back to school yesterday after jus over 2 weeks off and after 1 whole day the scholl has deciced o hold parents day today all day so they all got day off!!!!! how stupid is that , whe i was at school they had parents eving in the evening from 4 pm onwards !!!!

i am prob going into town today to bank and may meet my daughter for lunch and thats it really just hope it doesnt rain if it does will give it a miss always another day lol

love to you all diddle x

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my daughyers school does stupid things like that lol

hope you enjoy your day diddle xxxxx


thankds it so windy here today and bitter cold but no rain yet !!! think it is on its way though . if it dont i will met my daughter on her lunch hour love to you didle x


Typical school, its usually teacher training, thats what the triplets nursery has got for 2 days next week. They are going stir crazy now without the routine of nursery, I have my friend I used to work with over this afternoon with her little boy so will be good to catch up.

Hope you have a good day Diddle, dont worry about the sleeping, it will happen one day when you least expect it! Love Angela xx


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