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I just need 2 x house bricks to put one in eah of my coat pockets ?! as it is so windy here i am nearly being blown up in the air like a kite this morning so if you got any let me know need them to weigh me down !!!

if not keep eye out you may see me floating past with a doggy on a lead next to me so keep looking up into the sky diddle may be flying by legs akimbo arms astride around your lineen post i may get tied !! love diddle x

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lol diddle ,you always brighten up the worst days :-D xxxxxxx


well i told you i gave myself a good talking too early hours of this morning and i knew i had to be back to my normal self today lol as it no good being like that for long all done and hrd on yourself it not gonna change anything so may as weel get on with it love diddle x


lol always do mum says make sure underweatr always nice in case you are in an accident lol as if they would be admiring my underwear if i ended up at a and e lol love diddle x


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