Fibro flare

Hi everyone,well I'm having a bad flare my legs are so bad ,stiff and pain is terrible,doctor has put me on a higher pain patch but doesn't seem to be doing much at the moment.he also recommended veriun root to help me sleep which I bought I do seem to drop off for longer periods so fingers crossed one night I might sleep for a few hrs.hope every one is ok .karen xxx

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  • Hi Northlass

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I sincerely hope that your pain eases soon for you. If your symptoms persist or get any worse I would go back to your doctors just to have other medical conditions ruled out of the equation? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you ken x

  • Hi Karen, I agree with ken, ensure this pain IS fibro and not something else.. Go to A&E today if it doesn't settle with new patches, don't take risks, we,ve all done it, not everything we suffer pain with is fibro related, we are not immune to other problems in our bodies!

  • Good luck my friend x

  • I'm sorry to hear of your flare up. The swelling sounds pretty annoying and very painful. I hope the valerian does let you sleep very well tonight because you really need it. I've just completed a prayer for you and your great night's sleep tonight so you will rest as long as needed tonight.

  • Thank you so much xxx

  • Have you looked at the possibility you might have RLS Restless Leg Syndrome? This often comes with fibro but treated as a separate symptom. There is a RLS page dedicated for it here on healthunlocked and well worth a look. I have been diagnosed with it and prescribed two times 5mg of Diazipam a day. That combined with massaging my leg jointsvand muscles with magnesium oil really helps

    Hope you find something that works

    Patrick x

  • Thank you Patrick,think I need to go back to the doctors,x

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly, lack of sleep certainly does make the situation worse.

    I suggest you see your GP again if you are not getting relief from your pain.

    Soft hug.


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