Hi my list ogf ailmenrs due to fibro is so long now it looks like a asda shopping list if you have not been for a month it is getting ridiculous if i was a macjine in a factory they would send me to the scap metal yard to be recycled lol !!!

is there anywhere we can go to be re cyced ? mmmm maybe i should think about having total body transplant now i need to sit and work out the dimensions and measurements i would like lovely love o you all diddle xxxx

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  • I would like the same thing sweetheart!!!! Just about to pop down to the doctors and take my repeat prescription in.... three pages long... :-O

    Have a great day xxx :-)

  • RoboDiddle! xxx

  • ROTFPMSL!!!! That really made me smile!

  • Shame we can't do internet shopping to improve our ailments Diddle xx

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