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My partner left at 11 pm put doggy out in garden for his last wee and tucked him up in his basket and came up stairs in agony especially my arms legs and base of spine had all good intentions of laying in the dark and calmly deep breathing and us totally calmimg down and down unyil next thing i knew the alarm on my phone was waking me well as you can guess that did not happen and here i am but now gonna give it another go , so will prob be back tomorrow love to you all diddle x

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Good night sweet. Have you tried heat spray on your spine? I go through loads of it and find it great. It can be bought from the £ shops and Wilkinson's now x


hi lol yes i have got tiger balm rubbed into me and also heat spray good job i alone in bed at night what with all that and my fleeey onesey i am the hight of fashion ha ha and certainly not passion ha ha thankyou love diddle x


Me too. Going to try myself now. Night pet x


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