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awake / asleep

i dont really know how to explain this but for the last 3 - 4 weeks i wake up or at least i think i do and i am stroking my cat however i then move position and my hand is stroking but my cat is nowhere in sight. this is driving me mad as i do not know what it means or what is happening can any of you throw any advice. also the last couple of weeks i am waking in serious pain in my legs i must be trying to move or change position but the pain is unbearable and wakes m e and sometimes i have to move my leg with my hand. any help please.

hugs to all of you xx

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I often wake with pain like that and the only way to move a limb is by using an arm or lifting one leg with the other.

are you stroking the duvet? maybe your hand hurts and it helps, I don't know.

hope it eases soon,

sandra :)


Hi it is so comforting when you stroke your cat isnt it the gentle repetitive motion is calming and I think you need not worry about it you are just calming yourself quietly that the cat has moved doesnt matter it helps you relax that is the most important thing.

Hope you have a good dayxgins


Mornin all, like you bbsport I have horrendous pains in my legs, I try my best to move them on there own cos for some daft reason I'm thinking I'm exercising the muscles , lol, bt often hav to use my hands s they hurt so much, when I get in and out of a car I have to lift my legs with my hands, trouble is now my shoulders neck arms hand are hurting badly so to use my arms to live my legs is a joke, I try to laugh at what I'm doing if I don't I think I would cry,... I do have a bed that both ends go up and down and if I'm in too much pain I move the feet end up, it can sometimes help to raise them, I know you mainly do this if you have bad circulation but that has been ruled out by doc., s for stroking cat, like gins says its soothing, even if in your mind your cat is there it doesn't matter o long as you are getting a soothing feeling what the heck, hope u understand all that I have written I'm not that clever at explaining things, so I'm told, gentle hugs to you....Dee x


thank you all for your replys i asked the doctor and he didnt have a clue.

hugs to you all

Belinda xxx


A couple of weeks ago I kept grabbing the light bulb in my bedside light in my sleep. It was quite painful in the end, at least yours was pleasant


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