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I found out via a Doctor's receptionist who also has Fibro that where I live in Medway you can self refer yourself to the Physio Department. You fill in a form

stating your problems and they arrange for you to have a informal meeting and explain what Fibro is, and how you can help yourself. After this I was referred to the hospital gym. Me at a gym!!!!! Well I have been going for several months now, overseen by the physio's. We have built up a friendly little group, who look out for each other, and note when we're not having a good day. On Saturday I got a lovely message from one of the other girls boosting my well being. That was so lovely. We're not all "woe is me", we have a laugh as well, but everyone there can emphasise with you. Also I am now completing a 12 week course of T'ai Chi, and am next on the list for Aquarobics. Now thinking of a 12 week course in my local gym. It is easy to gorge when you are down, I wish there was a tablet for a sweet tooth elimination.

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  • If there was such a tablet Gill I would be first in line!. Glad you are enjoying your physio etc. keep it up girl. Love Angela xx

  • Me too! I'm putting weight on and half of me is thinking it's my meds but I think the chocolate biscuits and my sweet tooth are really to blame.

    I've always wanted to join a gym but been a bit afraid to. I always think I won't be able to do any exercise or whatever.

    So pleased you're enjoying it.

    Hugs Sue xx

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