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What helps me greatly

I found out via a Doctor's receptionist who also has Fibro that where I live in Medway you can self refer yourself to the Physio Department. You fill in a form

stating your problems and they arrange for you to have a informal meeting and explain what Fibro is, and how you can help yourself. After this I was referred to the hospital gym. Me at a gym!!!!! Well I have been going for several months now, overseen by the physio's. We have built up a friendly little group, who look out for each other, and note when we're not having a good day. On Saturday I got a lovely message from one of the other girls boosting my well being. That was so lovely. We're not all "woe is me", we have a laugh as well, but everyone there can emphasise with you. Also I am now completing a 12 week course of T'ai Chi, and am next on the list for Aquarobics. Now thinking of a 12 week course in my local gym. It is easy to gorge when you are down, I wish there was a tablet for a sweet tooth elimination.

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If there was such a tablet Gill I would be first in line!. Glad you are enjoying your physio etc. keep it up girl. Love Angela xx


Me too! I'm putting weight on and half of me is thinking it's my meds but I think the chocolate biscuits and my sweet tooth are really to blame.

I've always wanted to join a gym but been a bit afraid to. I always think I won't be able to do any exercise or whatever.

So pleased you're enjoying it.

Hugs Sue xx


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