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Hi I have had fibro/ME for 12 years now. I decided to join a group as the only other point of ref is my son. We found talking to each other on down days triggered each other's symptoms. So now we talk mostly about positive aspects of the day which boosts us. I still need an outlet of understanding I am a married mum of 5 great kids all with isms of their own x

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  • Wow!  That's a lot to contend with!  Welcome to the forum.  This a great place to come to chat, in need of support or to simply vent!    Tulip :)  xx

  • Hello and welcome to our site.You have found a great place for someone in your shoes as we know how it can be when you suffer from these issues. I wish you the very best as you have alot to take care of...main thing , take care of yourself!! Peck🐤

  • Hi Apostivespin

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

    I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I personally think it is a wonderful idea to join a group and meet like minded sufferers as yourselves, and to talk with your son about positive issues in your life. It genuinely sounds like you have a fantastic and beautiful loving family. I would sincerely like to wish all of you, all the best of luck, and please take care of yourselves.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

  • Cool glad you and your son lift each other my children for the most part make me smile and now I have grand children who make me laugh til I cry they are so comical. But you do need a place where you can feel understood and know that your not alone and this is the perfect place for that. Welcome xxxxx hope it's a few hours till you read this though, 

    Tree xxx

  • Hi apostivespin this may sound silly but how did you fined out you had ME with your fibro  x

  • Hi Lizabeth 1368. It has been a long process It all started when my left side wasn't functioning well, I had mri's a cat scan but was given all clear I had a very traumatic time when my youngest son got swine flu and the person he caught it from died. So then I was diagnosed as having PTSD from that M.E and the fibro as a secondary from that. Sorry that was a bit long winded and I hope it helps 😊

  • With that lot to look after I'm surprised you have any time on your hands at all! Hi there, welcome to the madhouse. We are all Fibromites and most of us have other medical things on top. Love the 'isms'. Says so much in so few words! Think I'll adopt that if its ok. 

    I hope you have as much support and fun as I've had since joining the forum. They are a helpful bunch, there is usually one person who knows the answer to a question. Use it to have a rant, we listen well, a question or even just a funny story. Humour isn't often found on forums but with Fibro it's good to be cheered up. 

    Look forward to seeing you around 🐸

  • Hi sorebones It sounds a lot but not really two of my children are adults so that's just the the three with the isms. Don't get me wrong it is hard but I have a very good husband 😊

  • And yes, you may use isms. I say that because I hate labels. My eldest boy has M.E( heredity appt) and my other boys have so many letters after their names they won't need uni 😉 hope your day is good x aps

  • That's great that your hubby is so good! Lucky girl. If I have learned anything in life it's that when you have a good man you never take him for granted. They are few and far between. I'm lucky too, but not everyone is sadly.

    Isms just struck me as a great way to explain an illness without going into details. It's really nobody else's business. I like your reason more! Especially when children are involved. 

    Our 2 children, or adults to be more precise, are both married and growing the next generation lol. 🐸

  • M.E. (CFS) and Fibro are the same condition. My Doctor is convinced they are the same. If you suffer mostly with fatigue they say you have ME. If you suffer more pain the its Fibro. But they share exactly the same symptoms , they only difference in the intensity. My doctor put on my notes ME then as my pain increased he put Fibro. The truth is they dont really understand either condition.

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