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Have been up since 4/30 am and the thing is i haven't even had a decent sleep !!!!!!! i had about hour if that

fed up of NOT sleeping now its getting boring for me so must be for all you so will jus put on hear when i evetually get a good night sleep lol as in at least 3/4 hours .

well it bit grey and dull out today and not too warm at min , actually not got any plans as yet today so will jus go with it and see wht happens .

i hope that you all had a lovely sleep love diddle x

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Hi Diddle

its not boring didldle great to hear from you

have a good day



Aw thanks bless you . hope that you are ok ? i dot kow why i asked that lol you are probably same as me we always ak hope you ok when we all know the answer. love to you and the sun is now breaking through and te sky is blue so looks like its going to be a lovely day again love to you diddle x


Its lovely isn't makes all the difference when the sun comes out

Hope you have a lovely day & able to get some sleep tonight

Gentle Hugs



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