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Ok everybody i know you are all on the edge of your seat waiting for my next phase of thing s to eat well i can announce that i have bben to asda and purchased a Mcvities jamacian ginger cake and also a golden syrup cake and i thought i would be healthy and instead of fresh cream i bought a pot of creme fraishe so you see i can be health consious lol

i have had a slice ( yes jus a slice ) and it was very nice

love to you all diddle xxxxxx

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diddle you are naughty buying my best loved cakes and cream. I cannot have them now / now wheat or cream that's dairy none of that :-(

Enjoy them for me :-) soft hugs ))) Allan


Diddle the only way to mcvities ginger bread cake is with a healthy scrape of butter, not healthy but lovely with a cuppa! xx anne :-))))


Not soo interested in these choices Diddle, would eat the golden syrup if I was desperate tho xx


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