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Malteser Cake (yum! yum!)

Here (especially for ladymoth and irisjoy) is my recipe for MALTESER CAKE.

4oz (100g) butter,

8oz (200g) milk chocolate

3 tablespoons syrup

9oz (225g) crushed digestive biscuits ( or I use HobNobs which make it more oaty!)

9oz Maltesers


1) Melt butter, chocolate and syrup gently in a large pan

2) When melted take pan off heat and stir in crushed biscuits.

3) Stir in Maltesers

4) Put mixture into a lined baking tin and press down with back of spoon

5) Cool in fridge for about an hour

6) Cut into pieces and enjoy!

It's really easy as NO baking required, however I usually only make HALF a mixture as it is soooooo easy to eat it all.

My daughter especially likes it as her birthday cake! xxxx

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Going to make this it looks yummie,n so easy. thanks.


OMG!! that sounds lovely. I'm definitely going to have a go at that. Luuurve maltesers :D


thankyou so much i just need to shop for all the ingredients now . my Mum in law used to make a lovely choc date type it was so delicious but so rich you could only eat a little bit at a time :) x


How gorgeous! I will try this with White Maltesers as the normal ones (brown chocolate) give me migraines. Sounds so gorgeous!

Thanks Phlebo!

Perhaps we should have a Recipe Corner now as well as the Poetry Corner here lol! Hmmmm, that's given me an idea - I will post your recipe in a new blog Phlebo!

Look out for the new recipe blog folks! :)


RECIPE CORNER blog now set up and I have posted Phlebo's Malteser Cake as our first recipe, thanks Phlebo!

Please feel free to post more recipes on our new blog! :)

Here's the link to it -



Thanks LibertyZ -- I feel so "special" now!! xx


Its a great idea though Phlebo, I know we are all here because we have Fibromyalgia primarily, but sometimes when we pop in it's nice to have the odd distraction from it too, that's therapeutic in itself and good for us!

Thank you for your contribution and yes you are special, all our members are.! :) xxx


Like the idea of trying white Maltesers and white choc -- may try that next time! I have posted a more "healthy" recipe of CARROT AND CORIANDER SOUP to the RECIPE CORNER BLOG (This is also quite simple to make) xx


Thank you Phlebo - that cake is too scrumptious for words! Most of it is now residing inside my son-in-law, who is a very good judge of any cake, bless him!

Shall try the soup, which sounds lovely - carrot and coriander is one of my favourites.

Love .. Moffy x


May I suggest serving it with Ice Cream just to cut the sweetness a bit !


Sounds terrible yummy and incredibly unhealthy. I would eat the whole lot in one go.


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