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blue badge form -,any tips?

Have decided to go for it after a painful day yesterday and hubby thinks it is worth a try as would make going out much easier.

I am going to fill out the questions as I am on my worst days but would appreciate any tips on how to make it clear how fibro affects walking, apart from the pain in my legs and also how I could best explain my increasing dependence on a stick. I can't decide whether to put down the consultant (who I have only met twice) or my physio who I see regularly - guess she would be better qualified to give an opinion on my mobility than the consultant.

I do so hope my application works as I am realising what a difference it would make to my quality of life


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hi i got mine 4 weks ago on mine i jus put down my GP as she is great and very good about fibro i also put could nt walk more than 50 metres and also that this illness is a permanent one and i got mine so good luck with it love diddle x p.s it has been godsend to me already x


hi i cant remember what i put down now for mine, but it did get my gp to do their part plus he tick the box for it to be auto renewed when it is due. but do bear in mind that some gp's may charge a fee to do this for you. i was luck and mine didn't.

hope all goes well for you plus it saves on car park fees as well.


hi ..yes go 4 mine nov last u say..filled it in how bad fibro is(mind u i have got 2 disc problems and arthritus in my hip)and i had with me a letter from the pain clinic that had been wriiten 2 show my boss at work 2 confirm wot a state im in!!and i told them they cu c that but the guy said no prob and just gave me the blue badge there and then...i already had my photos done ready!!good luck and let us know how u do.luv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello Chris, I really appreciate the above, I have had a quick look and once I have filled my DLA application out I will look into it.

I had a letter last week to say my ESA was stopping as I had had it for over a period of 365 days?????? so that must be something new,as if we don't have enough to cope with, with our conditions !

Thanks again,

Sue x x x


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