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been naughty

was having a good day yesterday so i thought i'll paint my told off by hubby...saying i can't leave you for a few hours with out you doing stuff...but am paying for it today...if i feel great i think i can tackle anything...still after 18 years of this i still haven't learnt that i can't do things...i want to do..with out suffering the next day....but i feel today that the pain was worth it as i did something that i wanted to do...i hate feeling like a prisoner in my own body...

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oh dear seems like we are all suffering at the min and fed up of not being able to do the things we want to or used to without paying for it but at least we all try our bestand thats the main thinglove to you diddle x


Its very frustrating Bean I must admit. Remember to pace yourself though when you get these spurts of energy in the hope that you wont get too tired and be in too much pain.

Hope you get a good nite and feel well tomorrow. Love Angela xx


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