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Been ages

Hi all. It has been ages since I blogged. I had a really good patch for a month or so. I went out and lived life and apart from falls and trips I felt almost "normal". Pains were low and life was good.

Well you know whats coming don't you. Crash and burn. I am in agony now "feel like I been hit buy a buss and they then reversed over me to finish the job". Am I down? Nope I am not I am feeling a bit sorry for myself but am still glowing from the holiday from the worst of this illness.

Having the odd day or week when you feel almost human is the only positive thing about this illness.

Wishing you all a low pain high happiness day. :-)

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I'm sorry you are going through a bad patch again - it is amazing how much the symptoms can come and go isn't it. I also haven't written on here for a while and am generally feeling a lot better too but then suddenly have a week when things are really bad - last week it was my hips and this week they are fine.

Thanks for your smiley good wishes, it's nice to be able to smile when we can.



Oh the hips, don't get me started on them ;-) The heat helps as less pains but then I can't sleep as too hot which causes me to fall more. Such a game this fibro.

Yes smile as that is something fibro can't steal.

Gentle hugs to you Sue xx



I know what you mean it's like being punished for just living a normal life, my hips, stomach and arms the last 2 weeks, I hope it all dosen't stop you enjoying life as much as you can and you feel better soon.

:) xx



I now weigh up if something is worth doing and then decide if I do it or not. I am back driving which is a bonus (only on days when I feel competent enough to do so). But I feel I have a bit of independence back.

My arms feel like I have swum a marathon as been bear making for three days solid so now hands and arms are not happy but I have produced two saleable items to happy.

gentle hugs Julie xx


Hi Devon,

You're staying pretty cheerful - I guess that's the only way forward for us fibromites - enjoy the good and accept the bad. I guess we should all attempt this philosophy, tho' it's difficult when the pain is at its worst.

Personally, I find that lots of chocolate and a considerable amount of swearing gets me through the bad times!

Moffy x



i am a glass half full gal unless things are really dire and I got depression. I find that being down just makes me hurt more so I try and stay cheery. (maybe bit manic at times :-) ).

I have my re application into dla and for once they seem to have taken note of what is written as they called my carer to say they don't want me to worry (nearly had nervous breakdown thanks to them last time) and they going to deal with my claim in five days and write to me with the outcome. I put on the form to not call me as I get into total panic when they on the phone and start sobbing ( not always happy as you can see). They actually did as instructed and called the carer direct. Is this a first? I am a happy bunny until I get the letter then I may not be quite so happy ;-)

Oh chocolate and I are well aquainted and cakes, biscuits and just about everything else not good for me to.

Hugs Elaine x


Know how your feel. Wish u could stay at positive and cheerful as your however. Xx


Mrs Otter,

I do my best but sadly often not so cheery although I do try and spread a little happiness in this awful fog of fibro.

Hugs Elaine


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