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Emotional sensitive

Does everybody always feel emotional sensitive? I feel i flip so easily, i can be so happy and then suddenly really upset. I didn't think I had depression but over the last couple of months I've had a lot of data where I stay in bed because I feel I can't face the world emotionally. And even on happier days I feel every little thing upsets me...

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Hi i have felt like this for ages the slightest thing will set me of in tears, i saw specialist yesterday he said he doesnt think im suffering from depression just weepy when the pain gets too bad, but i bottle things up and cos i live alone i put on a brave face on when i see others. but no ur not alone and the worst thing is the soaps on tv but why? they are not real lol x anyway have alovely weekend lets hope the sun returns soon take care xx


Hi cxs957, I am sorry you feel this way and I too feel like that but I know I have depression and I am on medication for it. It does sound like you are depressed I have had depression for over 30 yrs now it comes and goes and I have been really bad with it So I think you should go and talk to your dr about it If you leave it then things wont get anybetter It is hard when you feel like this Please go and see your GP and of course everyone on here is here to help if we can me included take care

gentle hugs to you Penny xxx


fairylady im a bit like u.. suffered many years off depression.. cxs....sometimes..i think anyway x... we suffer everyday with lots of different things.. pain fatigue ect.. its always one of them. but when u suffer like that everyday in life... lets be honest im sure the people who dont understand this illness would feel like we do... i go through stages of. wanting to hide away.. i have tried not hiding but for me hiding works.. because it gives me thinking time and also helps with the fatigue.. i am going through a bad patch of fatigue and migraines at the moment... and when feel u cant even put one foot in front of the other without feeling u just want to lie down where u are... no wonder we get teary... its a horribe disease wish people who dont suffer this.. would all get leaflets put through there door.. not for sympathy but for understanding.. hope this helps xxx


yes one day i am singing away to myself and happy the next day or min i am nearly in or in tears over thing i would not even have thought twice about few months ago love to you diddle x


I think I'm going through a flare up atm, which is quite difficult to deal with when I have exams coming up. So tired.


I have suffered depression on and off for 20 years and keep trying to come off my antidepressants bt when i do one min i am hyper and the next i am in tears and dont move from bed so it sounds like this illness has caused this for you. I would see the gp again,

Try to take some me time so you can relax enough for your exams.

hugs xx


Hi cxs957,

I too get so emotional over stupid things, i cant evn have a little argument with my other half now as i just cry like a baby.

My gp says i could be depressed but she just wants to keep an eye on me for now.

The stress will not be helping as i cant handle stress neither, good luck wih your exams hun. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


Hi, I get this type of sensitivity CXS. My GP treats me for what she calls reactive depression and I certainly feel better now I am on treatment. I am not always calm and can get very irritable at the drop of a hat but with the treatment I can control things a little better. The antidepressant I take is Cymbala which is also meant to help with the stiffness I get with the fibro although I dont always feel it helps that much.

My advice would be to go and have a chat with your GP and see what they think. The fact that you can't face the world and stay in bed at times certainly suggests you may be suffering but you would need a proper diagnosis to rule out other problems.

No-one likes to talk about being depressed but it is another symptom of fibro and I find when I have a flair up or dont feel well the depression gets worse. I have had weeks when I stay in and dont even open the curtains and it is really bleak when it gets this bad.

Think about making an appointment with your GP and you may feel happier knowing that if you need treatment it is available for you. Take care, Angela xxx


Hi cxs,

I absolutely agree with everything Chris has said and I have the same history with depression.

Please see your GP and tell them everything you are feeling no matter how silly it might seem.

Give yourself a huge hug from me and make that appointment on Monday :)



Hi guys,

I've got an appointment on Thursday withmy gp and ill tell him. Thanks for all your comments x x x


Good luck with your appointment and take care :)


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