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I cannot believe tht my body will not just let go and once my eyes shut it does not jus kick in an let my body drop into a really deep sleep but NO last night i had about hour and quarter and woke up naturally at 4.15 am i am getting worried now though as something is gonna give soon and i will either pass out through sheer exhaustion or get really ill !

i hope that youall had a good night and relatively pain free love to you ll diddle x

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Hi have you tried relaxation exercises, cd's or dvd's or even hypnotherapy these have worked for me and still do. I hope you get a solution soon take care



Well unusuall 5 hrs sleep for me most i get is 2/3 hrs I have been taking cherry Active and it must help with sleep :-) and the Pregalin to prob

hope you all have a good day ,

soft hugs ))) Allan


Good morning all, I am new to this group but reading your posts I realise that Fibro is a bad stealer of sleep!! I have been up all night once again but even when I do manage to get to sleep I can't stay asleep, I wake after a few minutes but it gets longer each time I go back to sleep until I am getting an hour, sometimes I manage 2 hours before waking & if I am really lucky 3 but that's only once in a blue moon. It is not unusual for me to go without sleep for up to 3 nights & even then when I manage to drop off I still have to go through the 5mins 10mins stage until it gets to an hour!! I think the lack of sleep is the worst part of this syndrome, I can put up with the pain as I have osteoarthritis as well. Mills. xx


Hi all, after 18 years of FMS I finally got some kip and am now sleepin (almost) like a baby! Courtesy of 75 - 100mg Pregablin each night. Might not work for everyone but I felt an immediate difference and get to sleep at least 7 hours. While the kids have been off for easter Ive even been waking up at 7ish, taking my Tramadol, then back to sleep for another couple of hours - bliss! Sleep is so important to your mental health. Only went on the drug in September and it took a few weeks to start having an effect on my joints (about 7 actually), but biggest change was in my sleeping and mood. Made me feel like I can cope with anything my fibro throws at me! x


I'm another insomniac . No matter how tired I am, my brain has decided that bed time is the perfect time to go into worry mode. I end up with thoughts racing round my head , stupid things, important things, old things . It seems anything is preferable to my brain than actually sleeping.

As there are 3 of us in a one bed bungalow, and my son is sleeping in the only other comfy room ( the lounge ) , I can't escape from bed unless I either sit in the bathroom , stand in the kitchen or go into the very cold scullery where the cat sleeps. Last night I was in the scullery , sitting on a step for 3 hours.

Consequently, today I'm exhausted and don't want to get up.

I wish we'd been designed with an off button :(



hi diddle,

because my brain is so active with what i do through the day, then when i constantly wake through the night i play a game i like on my phone that i dont realy have to think about much so it helps me nod back off as playing this also distracts my mind from thinking about anything else that would keep me awake....or irritating noises that start to bug u...its worth a try. only prob i have is finding my phone in morning lol.xx


yes my brain kicks in action the min i get on my pillow, all sorts of things. things from the past, things someone said about 3 months ago. worrying that ive got wash my hair the next day......silly it is when in the daylight hours ive got fibro fog and cant remember even my neighbours


Hiya Diddle, perhaps you are turning nocturnal. Try staying up at night and going to bed in the day!! I used to do that as a baby evidently lol, my parents loved it.xx


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