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well i didnt get to asda on the cake run as at 2pm my 2 little nieces aged 13 and 11 came round one of them hoovered andthe other one polished they made me cup of tea and then tidied a set of drawes in my cupboard buy laughed as they said they were tidy anyway i am organised and have everything in it s place !

they then took my doggy out for a walk and i went with them they took turns in holding rusty and me lol then my sister called to pick thenm up at 4.30 they were meeting a friend and having tea atnthe harvester they wanted me to go i said no i was in pain and shattered but my sister insisted i went her treat so off we all trek to the local harvester we got in ther and it was packed we had to wait an hour (and it was ) before we got a table by that time i really was flagging as i had to stand for hour anyway had salad bar (healthy for me) and grilled chicken was lush had alot of laughs my nieces were i will go get your sald auntie didddle i will go get your drink auntie diddle as it is free refills they were so sweet to me then my sister paid for me too

we were so late i text my partner that iwas out and would call him when ie=was home and also my parents as they would worry if i was not at home or they could not get hold of me

anyway there was mo signal at th retaurant when igot home at 8.40 my daughter had let partner in he hadnt got text it was sitting in outbox lo, my parents had left worried message son answer phone they were all really concerned where i was how sweet is that to be missed .

any way will have to go and get the new cake tomorrow love to you all diddle x

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god bless ur lil nieces n ur family.they say children can b cruel,yes true but they also av a lot of compassion.i no this 1st hand n so do u lv fm me xx


So thoughtful of your nieces Diddle. If you are that tidy perhaps we should call you Diddle Neat Knickers!!. xx


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