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Quick Visit

Only got time for a very quick visit today as I have had No. 3 triplet most of the day and am about to go babysit all 3 of them this evening so their Dad can celebrate his 40th birthday. Garden party to morrow if the weather is fine so lets keep everything crossed that it is.

He is sooo sweet, when I picked him up he told his Nannie his very favourite person was coming to get him and then later in the afternoon he told me that he and I make a good team. You would never think he is the same child as when he is with his sister cos they both turn into little monsters!!. Love them to bits tho. Poor Harv has autism so doesn't always join in but he is the most handsome boy and so cute. I asked him to help me climb over a bale of hay at the farm yesterday and he yanked me sooooo hard I nearly landed flat on my face!.

Will try and catch up with blogs tomorrow, if not sunday cos I miss my fibro family when I dont hear from them. Hope you are all keeping well :)


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He sounds sweet. Hope you have a great garden party. Cross my fingers that the weather is good xx


i will keep everything crossed for you aswell :)

and say hi to the triplets (especially harv ) from one of your fibro buddies hope you garden party is lovely :) xxxx


good luck with babysitting and hope the weather is nice for your garden party sounds all very posh lol love didle x


Well, it was raining today so the garden party ended up as an indoor party but it was fun. The triplets had a ball with so much attention from so many people, they were shy at first but soon came out of their shells and were as lively as ever.

Just one problem Diddle - no carrot cake!!!!. Lots of other lovely goodies though and no, not a bit posh!.

Probably wont be on long tonight so hope everyone is well and will catch up again tomorrow as I am shattered now xx


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