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Just a quick blog to say goodbye!

Hi all, my fibo is playing up pretty badly right now, and finding it more and more difficult to get on the site.

I don't have the physical and more important, the mental energy to come on. I want to wish everyone a good day, and lots of gentle hugs x

Keep fighting this illness!!


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Hi miss kittycat,

sorry ou are having a bad day

try and rest and hope you feel abit better soon hun

gentle hugs

Penny xx


big gentle hugs tracy :) hope you feel better soon xxxxxxxx


gentle hugs hope you feel better soon .x


Sending gentle hugs, Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. When your feeling brighter, be good to chat again. But for now, you take care of u.

Gentle Hugs, Lou x


Thanks all, just have a few personal issues which are taking all my time and don't feel its fair that I'm not on here as much as I should be.

Gentle hugs to you all xxxxx


hi to you and i dont blame you , you need to put ourself first and look after yourself and your own issues without worrying about other people s i wish you well and keep popping on if you can and feel like it we are all here for you and you know we will help you if we can all my love diddle x


So sorry to hear this. You were very supportive to me when I joined a couple of weeks ago. I hope you can still use the forum for yourself when you need it. Christine x


Aww tracy, you will be missed. :(

I want you to get better though so if this is what you need then i totally understand hun. I hope you keep in touch hun. hugs, kel xxxx


Also had news this morning that a friend has passed suddenly from a brain tumour and have started duloxetine today and feeling wobbly as it is.

Thanks everyone x


Thats terrible news hun, i am so sorry.

Sending you big hugs, love kel xxxx


Will miss you Miss Kittycat, will also miss the antics of Daisycat. Take care of yourself, much love, Angela xx


Hi Tracy,

You seem like a lovely warm caring person, and I hope you are well, I know bad news, which I'm sorry to hear about, is really bad for one of us, makes us so much weaker, mind yourself and take it easy, talk to someone that helps you the most and ask for more help, take care xxx


Sorry to see you go Tracy, hopefully we will still see you around though, take care :) :)


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