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Stuff it, now I really am peed off

Ok, so wasnt doing too bad, friend came in and cut and coloured my hair. hard to sit for it, but well worth the pain. Then the builders lorry turned up to deliver some cement. I left my car in its disabled space deliberately because my neighbours regularly park in it as they don't think I am disabled enough and their teenage son would much prefer to park the families 5th car in that space. So moved the car so the lorry can get in and unload. No problem so far. Parked outside 2 doors down. Walked back with my stick to tell him where to drop the stuff and sign the paperwork. Brilliant! Cement delivered, craned perfectly into position. Lorry driver says thanks very much and hops back into his cab. I tell him pull out and I'll reverse back up into the space. Starts to walk the few yards to my car.......collapse, screaming pain, next thing I know lorry driver back out his cab and helping me up. Damn it. Anyway, long story short, he helped me into the car, I reversed the few yards back and crawled back into the house. Pain is subsiding a bit.......BUT WHY CANT I DO A SIMPLE TASK LIKE THAT. It shouldnt be a major event to move my car a few yards down and back, but now I am back on morphine and screwed up for the day. Hate my life. God I am soooooo peed off.

Sorry, rant over, just fed up and miserable now

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Hi Julieru, we have all been there so don't be down on your self. I am feeling peed off too. I just think it's one of those days! I keep falling when I go upstairs to bath and try to get dress, so I am no longer allowed to do that myself and havet o rely on others. I have had terrible pain all night so no sleep and had to take morphine. My forms have arrived to apply for WCA, I took one look at the form and knew straight away I would not be able to fill it in, what ever I read would not go in!

So I am off to take morphine and try to rest. I suggest you do the same . Take care, and I am sending you big hugs xx


oh thats awful ,i hope you feel better soon xxx


its ok really we all get like that i cant get in the car park walk into town for an hour os come home do housework and walk doggy for hour anymore i should be abl e to do that 4x over lol but not now so dont you worry it hits us all at times love to you diddle x


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